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Elopement and adventure weddings

What is an elopement?


The term elopement is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion. However, recently it is a term used to for a style of wedding more adventurous than the traditional - escaping to the great outdoors to get married somewhere special with anything from a select few to all of your loved ones.

There is no limit to what you can do to make your day  unique and memorable. If this is something you may be interested in, and you are not sure exactly what you can do, then please get in touch and let me help you plan your special day.

Want to know what to think about when planning an elopement, then read below.

how to elope?


It is first important to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big traditional wedding, but there are not many couples out there brave enough to consider eloping. So if you're reading this, congratulations on being badass!

First of all, there are no rules, the only limit is your imagination. Your special day can be crafted into the adventure of your dreams, no matter what that may be nor what anyone else might think. All this freedom can be overwhelming, which can make it tough to figure out how to plan it.

That is where I come in.

Ask yourself these questions, and then feel free to get in touch;

What type of scenery do you want?

Are you in the mountains, chasing waterfalls, deep in an ancient woodland, or on a beautiful beach or coastline?

What season is it?

Do you enjoy cold or warmer weather? Does a little rain bother you?

What do you want to wear that day?

A dress or suit? Something more casual? Are you wearing shoes or fancy something more humanist?

What kind of ceremony do you want?

Are there any cultural or religious traditions you would like to incorporate?

What kind of activities do you see yourself doing?

What do you and your love one enjoy doing? Or perhaps is there something you have not done before but always have wanted to? Maybe hiking, rock climbing, outdoor swimming, paddle boarding or kayaking, mountain biking? Perhaps a boat ride looking for sealife? Anything goes here...

Will it be just the two of you? Or will it include others?

 This will help determine any permits you may need or accessibility concerns

How much time are you able to use for your trip?

Is this elopment day part of a larger trip or combined with your honeymoon? How much time are you able to take off from work?

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