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Workshops & Tuition

Workshop general information


I offer full, half day and seasonal specific 1-2-1 photography and group workshop  sessions in the Lake District. I cater to all skill levels so please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss how you would like to improve your skills & knowledge so we can tailor our session together.

I have an extensive knowledge of the best photography locations in the Lake District, and if you are interested in improving your planning and how to read weather conditions such as fire skies, inversions, rainbows etc then we can include this as part of a 1-2-1- sessions.​

Below is a list of some of what we can cover in a workshop. half, full or multiple sessions. 



1) Getting the basics right:  Understanding aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus, depth of field, filters, dynamic range, and getting the balance of technique right in camera.

2) Composition I - Planning: What do you see when you arrive at a location? How do you visualise a photograph beforehand and  does the expectation meet reality?

3) Composition II - The subject: What is the focal point / subject and why? What is the purpose of the image? How does your eye flow through the image and scene? How to consider foreground, midground, background to create more complex and compelling images.

4) Composition III - Rule of composition: A badly composed image causes a viewer to question what they are seeing, but a well thought out composition where every aspect is questioned until equilibrium in the frame is achieved allows the viewer to effortlessly flow through the image and enjoy it without question. Deciding what to include in frame, and just as importantly what not to. Forming shapes and lines through the image to generate interest and keep the viewer's attention. Using established compositional techniques to achieve this.

5) Aspect ratio: Choice of landscape or portrait and knowing which is appropriate to the scene and why.

6) Use of light: Choosing the right time of day for a photo, golden hour, sunrise, sunset, blue hour etc

7) The weather: Battling the elements, shooting in high winds, snow, rain, hail and how understanding the weather can get you more compelling images others do not have.

8) Choice of colours: How do the colours in a scene impact how you frame an image? Making the right choices on location.

9) Telling a story, or evoking emotion: Combining the above points in consideration of how the image makes you feel, perhaps choice of subjects in the image tells a story, how the image is framed and aspect ratio can detract or amplify these.

10) Choice of lenses: Wide angle, telephoto or mid range lenses? Which are the ones to use in which scenario and how do choices of composition, aspect ratio etc change for each.

11) Special conditions: Fog and mist, fire skies, blue hour, bright white snow, moving water and coastal, storms and rainbows.

What to bring?

You will be responsible for bringing your own photography gear, travelling to the meeting point and subsequent locations, supplies for the day e.g. food and water, suitable clothing and footwear for the weather and time of year (we will shoot in all conditions).

We will break for lunch at a cafe/pub but you will be responsible for meals.

You will also need to have your own travel insurance / equipment insurance as required to suit your own needs.

How to book?

Please click the link at the top of this page for the relevant booking.

Please read the terms and conditions: HERE

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