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"With very detailed and clear explanations as to how, what, why, where and when different weather phenomenons occur, Tom Watkinson’s course provides me as a serious photographer with everything I need to understand and predict inversions, mist, fog, rainbows, sunsets and sunrises and more. Tom provides details on which weather apps to use and advice on what to look for when using them. I have been looking for a course like this for quite some time as it gathers all of the information you need in one place so there’s no need to go hunting all over YouTube and the web gathering pieces here and there. At 40% off the list price during April, I jumped at it and have not been disappointed. With unlimited access to the material I will definitely be reviewing the modules as there’s so much information it’s a lot to absorb in one sitting even if it is a short course. Thankfully the modules are bite-sized so you can jump in and out to quickly get to the information you need. I would recommend watching it all the way through for the first time and then reviewing the modules at a slower pace as and when you need them. Highly recommended

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Course: Everything You Need To Know About The Weather To Take Amazing Photos


Number of steps: 24 easy to digest video sections to watch online (no download required) 

Total Duration: Approx 1 hour 15 mins

Price: £41.99 (RRP £69.99 - 40% off SALE - use code WEATHER40)

Note; international purchases (outside UK) will have their local taxes added to this automatically at checkout.

Region: Purchase is available internationally. Some apps & weather services used may generally be applicable to the UK, although the principles of the formation of the phenomena will be relevant internationally.


Do you see cloud inversions, fire skies and other incredible weather conditions on social media and wonder how people get so lucky in witnessing them? Well it isn't about luck. This is learnable and predictable, and this course provides you everything you need to know about the weather, so that you are armed with the information to significantly increase your chances of witnessing the incredible weather phenomena we have.

Facebook group WEATHER CHASERS UK: Join here to share your successes and discuss the weather forecasts with other weather chasers.

Course contents:

1) Course introduction

2) Weather services and apps

  • Part 1 - Introduction

  • Part 2 - Ventusky

  • Part 3 - Clearoutside

  • Part 4 - TPE & PhotoPills

  • Part 5 - Mountain Weather Information Service

  • Part 6 - Webcams

  • Part 7 - Raintoday

  • Part 8 - Section summary

3) Clouds

  • Part 1 - Introduction to their formation

  • Part 2 - Weather fronts

  • Part 3 - Summary of how they form

  • Part 4 - Types of cloud

  • Part 5 - Section summary

4) Fire Skies

  • Part 1 - How they form and what to look for

  • Part 2 - Summary

  • Part 3 - On Location with a landscape photographer

5) Cloud Inversions

  • Part 1 - What is a cloud inversion?

  • Part 2 - Dew, dew point & frost

  • Part 3 - Mist over water

  • Part 4 - Section summary

6) Rainbows

  • Part 1 - It's all about geometry

  • Part 2 - What about the forecast?

7) Alpen Glow & Belt of Venus

  • Part 1 - What are they and how to witness them?

8) Snow & Hail

  • Part 1 - How do they form and what is the best way to witness and capture something incredible

Future courses will look at other weather phenomena such as;​​

  • Subsidence inversions

  • Frontal inversions

  • Broken Spectres

  • Fog Bows

  • Thunder & lightning

  • Waves

  • & more


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Cloud Inversions


Fire Skies

Alpen Glow & Belt of Venus

Mist, Fog and Frost

Snow & Hail

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